Terms of Use II, Proprietary Rights

Specific Disclaimer

It is not possible to describe, define, explain, and reason topics of this website without using proprietary terms . Some proprietary terms include my proper name "Wittmann” and are trademarks protected by others. Such terminology is also often used in the scientific publications and by citing those references I do not mean to break trademark laws. I cannot take any responsibility associated with the use of my proper name in medical terminology outside of these webpages as I do not receive any benefits or compensation with regard to the use of may name.
I make all efforts to avoid using proprietary names on these purely scientific, non-commercial pages. If in some pictures or texts or other content including citations of published scientific articles, the use of copyright protected terms is unavoidable this does not constitute a violation of proprietary rights. I declare here that it is not my intention to violate any US, EU and other countries’ laws.
Below please find an incomplete list of copyright protected terms together with the copyright owner on this page below

  • Steridrape: copyright by 3M
  • Kerlix© Gauze Bandage Rolls: copyright by Covidien
  • VAC© and Vacupack ©: copyright by KCI
  • Wittmann Patch ©: copyright by Starsurgical, Inc.
  • The V.A.C. © Abdominal Dressing System: copyright by KCI

  • Effective Date
    The effective date of this policy is May 10, 2015.