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The website provides a resource for surgeons who treat the difficult abdomen. It is about major conditions requireing advanced surgcial proceedures, about surgical and non-surgical treartment options, relevant publications, case presentations, FAQs, and propriatary information. The goal is to improve patient care by helping surgeons understand, utilize and explain causes leading to the need for a PLANNED OPEN ABDOMENby presenting detailed surgical and non surgical treaments.

The four pictures below show an overview about management of a planned open abdomen with the Bur Fascia Prosthesis to fascititate reclosure and reopening of the abdomen with extremely low risk for herna formation after final closure, and to prevent exogenous contamination between abdominal entries with the Hypopack.

Bur Temporary Fascia Prosthesis

Upper left:
Abdominal transsection showing the fascia prosthesis sutured to both fascial edges and expanding the girth of the abdominal cavity. The BUR is covered with gauze and sealed with a steridrape (Hypopack)

Lower right:
The fascia prosthesis exposed with the hook sheet overpaapping the loop sheet in the mdiline. The bur is convex (protrudes) because of higher intra-abdominal pressure

Lower left:
Removig the hypopack dressing to expose both sheets of the fascia prosthesis. The bur is convex because of higher intra-abdominal pressure

Upper right:
Fascia Prosthesis coverd with gauze and Steridrape and under negative pressure via adrain hooked up to a suction pump.